Burnley vs Bournemouth Preview – Premier League 2017/18

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Burnley face Bournemouth in this Premier League 2017/18 clash.

When is the match, and kick off time?

The match is on Sunday 13th May 2018, and kicks off at 3:00pm UK time.


With such huge stars in the side, Burnley should be able to finish chances if they can create them; however Bournemouth have a great record of containing quality players. It would be wise for Burnley to play intricately and avoid taking too many shooting chances at range, as Bournemouth have an excellent record of defending those chances. If Bournemouth continue their solid defensive performance, they should be able to stop a lot of chances as they develop for their opponents. Burnley will need to be creative with their attacking chances, as Bournemouth are good at defending attacking through balls. Burnley will hope that Bournemouth attack wide so they can prevent danger with their superior defence on the wings.

Burnley Vs Bournemouth Prediction

Burnley and Bournemouth are evenly matched, so this should be a tight game. This should result in a draw, or a tough win for Burnley. A bet of £10 would return £22.73 for a home win, £35.08 for a draw, and £37.08 for an away win.

This is set to be an eventful match in which we are expecting Burnley to create more chances than Bournemouth. Both teams will be looking for the win but Burnley have the stronger attack. We are expecting them to edge a victory in this match with both teams to score. Our prediction for this match is: Burnley 2-1 Bournemouth.