Northampton vs Oldham Preview – League One 2017/18

Natalia Waters is one of Fluentsport's England League One experts covering most of the upcoming fixtures in the year.

Northampton face Oldham in this League One 2017/18 clash.

When is the match, and kick off time?

The match is on Saturday 5th May 2018, and kicks off at 5:30pm UK time.

Northampton Vs Oldham Prediction

Oldham are the better team on paper, and will be looking to dominate the game. This should result in a win for Oldham. Don’t rule out Northampton though, as they will be keen to upset the travelling supporters. A bet of £10 would return £41.00 for a home win, £36.50 for a draw, and £21.33 for an away win.

This is set to be an eventful match in which we are expecting Oldham to create more chances than Northampton. Both teams will be looking for the win but Oldham have the stronger attack. We are expecting them to edge a victory in this match with both teams to score. Our prediction for this match is: Northampton 1-2 Oldham.


Northampton Oldham
Forwards Chris Long, Kevin van Veen, Daniel Powell, Sam Hoskins, Kevin Luckassen. Eoin Doyle, Craig Davies, Jonathan Benteke, Duckens Nazon, Gevaro Nepomuceno, Tope Obadeyi, Aaron Amadi-Holloway, Gyamfi Kyeremeh.
Midfielders / Wingers Matt Grimes, Yaser Kasim, Sam Foley, John-Joe O'Toole, Matt Crooks, Shaun McWilliams, Jack Bridge. Jack Byrne, Mohamed Maouche, Ben Pringle, Abdelhakim Omrani, Dan Gardner, Ousmane Fané, Patrick McEleney, Mason Fawns, Kundai Benyu.
Defenders Ash Taylor, Shay Facey, Aaron Pierre, David Buchanan, Brendan Moloney, Leon Barnett, Regan Poole, Jordan Turnbull, Joe Bunney, Aaron Phillips, Leon Lobjoit. Wilfried Moimbé, Anthony Gerrard, Kean Bryan, Brian Wilson, Ryan McLaughlin, Cameron Dummigan, Rob Hunt, Jamie Stott, George Edmundson, Kallum Mantack.
Goalkeepers Richard O'Donnell, David Cornell, James Goff. Johnny Placide, Zeus de la Paz.